About Us

When it comes to the most popular sports in the world it is a fact that Africa is a major player, even ruler. Football, the kind you play with your feet and the majority of the world knows by that name, is the major sport of every African country. Many of them compete with the best of world and come out victorious. Boxing – well just look at the Olympic games results and African pugilists records are a bold testimony to the competitiveness. When it comes to track and field, running, or what much of the world calls athletics, African shine the morning sun, holding more records that any other continent, be it world records or major games records.

African sports mount the world stage without any embarrassment what so ever.

AfricaSportSite.Com will cover the human interest stories – the stories behind the major stories and the stories of African's who have overcome great odds to compete in the games enjoyed be peoples around the world. We will also cover some games not seen outside the continent. Some of the most interesting dimensions of African sports is where they play – the sports venues. AfricaSportSite.Com will introduce those sites to you.